About Crosslands Insurance

About Crosslands Insurance

Crosslands General Insurance Brokers of London Inc. has been owned and operated by John Grant Charno the third since October 2000. The insurance business has been in the Charno DNA since the 1940s when John Charno opened J. Charno General Insurance And Real Estate LTD. in Toronto, Ontario.

Crosslands has a dedicated staff that prides itself with their years of commissioned experience, caring nature and breathing general insurance! While we write policies from one end of the province to the other we still have that small town service ethic which seems to be from a bygone era. We are located in London, Ontario on Richmond Street in the historic district in a beautiful 110 year old building. We look forward to helping you with your insurance needs.

Meet The Team

Susan Wickert

  • Started with Crosslands in 2008
  • Looks after all types of General Insurance(Home, Auto, Small Commercial)
  • Manages our large marine insurance portfolio
  • Our in house computer wizard

Nancy Thomas

  • 30 plus years of experience in the industry as both a company underwriter and a broker
  • Experience in both Canada and the US
  • Associate Degree in risk management and held a class 220 license in the US
“Many years of practical experience has given me an in-depth knowledge of the industry as a whole and enables me to assist my clients in all aspects of their individual needs.”

Zella Faria

  • Zella has been a licensed insurance broker for almost 20 years in personal and commercial lines
  • Zella grew up in London and is an alumnus of Western University, having received her psychology degree
  • Hold a CAIB designation
  • Prides herself on treating her clients like “Gold”
  • When not working, she enjoys going for walks and spending time with her family.

Mission Statement

It is the commitment of our brokerage to earn the respect of bot our fellow employees and those of our clients. It is also our commitment to provide our clients’ first priority by communicating on a personal and professional level and to provide efficient and courteous service.

Our Carriers and Commission Structures

At Crosslands General Insurance Brokers of London, our role is to offer you the best insurance value that combines coverage, service, and price. We provide personalized quality service that also includes ongoing updating of your coverage, and claims’ support. Where any issues arise, we are your advocate, using our professional experience and expertise to best represent your individual interest.

We can provide this level of service and advice to you by being contracted with a variety of the very best financially stable international and Canadian insurance companies. They are: April Marine, Aviva Canada, Aviva Elite, Chubb Insurance, Echelon Insurance, Economical Insurance, Gore Mutual Insurance, Hagerty Insurance, Pavco Insurance, Pembridge Insurance, Portage Insurance, and Travelers Insurance. Each of the companies we represent provides us with standard compensation as a percentage of your overall premium, ranging from 4-13.5% for automobile premiums and 4-25% for property and liability premiums. Our facility automobile insurance carrier is RSA, which caps the commission at $350.00 per policy. These commissions are paid annually to us for both new and renewal business for services that we provide to our valued clients.

In order for us to maintain strong relationships with quality insures, we work with each one of them to provide the type of business they desire. Each of the insurers noted above with asterisk ex. (*), recognize our efforts through a contingent profit commission contract. Payment of this profit sharing depends on any one of, or a combination of profitability (loss ratio), growth, retention and increased services that we provide on behalf of the insurer. These contingent commissions are based on our entire portfolio of business with that insurer and not on individual policies. They are not guaranteed. For detailed information on contingent profit commissions, please go to the individual company’s website.

Your insurer will be providing you with a consumer code of rights and responsibilities, which will be forwarded to you with your New Business policy.

Point of Sale Commission:

A) Our role is to provide you with the best insurance value that combines coverage services and price. We also provide personalized quality service that includes professional insurance advice, ongoing policy maintenance, and claims’ support.

B) Personal Line’s Automobile, and Property Broker’s Compensation:
Is part of your insurance premium. For your benefit, we have listed below automobile insurers that we represent and have included in the range of compensation. Each provides as a percentage of your overall premium that appears on your invoice.
This commission percentage is paid annually for both New Business, and Renewals. Should there be an increase in the commission schedule we receive from your insurer, or any other material change that affects compensation arrangements, we will notify you.

C) Commercial Lines:
As per – Section “B”

D) Contingent (Profit) Commission:
In order for us to maintain strong relationships with the quality insurers we work with, it’s required that each provide us with the type of business they desire. The Insurers with an asterisk (*) noted, recognize efforts through a contingent compensation contract. Payment of this contingent commission depends on a combination of growth, profitability (loss ratio), volume, retention, and increased services that we provide on behalf of the insurer. Contingent commission is not guaranteed. For detailed information on contingent commission, please go to the individual company’s website.

E) Our disclosure commitments are made in the best interest of the consumer. We encourage you to also consult the commitments made by the insurance industry and individual companies by consulting their website or other available information.

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